ZeroPay & Alipay+: Seamless Payments for Korean Tourism

South Korea, renowned for its rich culture and stunning landscapes, has taken a significant leap in making its tourist experience even more convenient for travelers from Asia. In a groundbreaking move, Korea Easy Payment Foundation, the official operator of ZeroPay, has introduced Alipay+ global cross-border digital payments and marketing solutions at over 1.7 million merchants across South Korea. This strategic partnership promises a seamless payment experience for international tourists and a massive outreach opportunity to over 1.4 billion customers from China and Southeast Asia.

Empowering South Korean Merchants

The collaboration between Alipay+ and ZeroPay through ICB (International Cooperation Bureau) marks a transformative moment for South Korean merchants, especially smaller businesses. This innovative integration allows them to provide hassle-free payment options to international tourists, enhancing their competitiveness and attracting a broader customer base.

Making South Korea Cashless for Asian Travelers

Starting today, users of six prominent digital payment apps, including Alipay, AlipayHK (Hong Kong SAR China), MPay (Macao SAR, China), TrueMoney (Thailand), and Touch ‘n Go eWallet (Malaysia), can enjoy a cashless shopping and travel experience in South Korea. All they need to do is scan the ZeroPay QR code at the merchant’s counter using their home e-wallet apps, enter the payment amount, and confirm the transaction. Additionally, more Alipay+ partner e-wallets are set to join this initiative in the coming months, further enriching the payment ecosystem.

ZeroPay: Empowering South Korean Businesses

ZeroPay, introduced by the Seoul Metropolitan Government, is South Korea’s public QR-code based digital payment service, specifically designed to support small businesses. With a direct transaction system that enables zero-fee settlement for merchants and digital payments through e-wallets for consumers, ZeroPay has been a game-changer for local businesses.

Ant Group’s Vision for Convenience

Commenting on the partnership with ZeroPay, Danny Chung, General Manager of Ant Group in Korea, Australia, and New Zealand, expressed the company’s commitment to enhancing the convenience of seamless payment services for Asian tourists in South Korea. By connecting Korean merchants with a variety of mobile payment methods that customers are familiar and comfortable with, Ant Group aims to boost growth opportunities for local businesses and strengthen South Korea’s position as a top destination with a unique offering and a convenient experience.

ICB’s Role in Boosting Inbound Tourism

Hanyong Lee, CEO of ICB, highlighted the service’s role in revitalizing inbound travel, which was dampened by COVID-19. This initiative creates an environment where more overseas tourists can enjoy the convenience of making payments in South Korea. It is expected that small businesses, which make up 94% of ZeroPay merchants, will play a pivotal role in attracting foreign tourists through Alipay+.

Alipay+: Bridging Borders for Businesses

Introduced by Ant Group, Alipay+ represents a suite of global cross-border digital payment and marketing solutions. It is designed to enable businesses to process a wide range of mobile payment methods and better serve regional and global consumers through simple technical adaptation. This forward-looking approach ensures that businesses can stay connected to the rapidly evolving digital payment landscape and cater to the diverse needs of international travelers.

In conclusion, the introduction of Alipay+ at 1.7 million merchants in South Korea through the partnership with ZeroPay is a significant step towards enhancing the shopping and travel experience for Asian tourists. It not only empowers South Korean businesses but also solidifies South Korea’s position as a premier destination for tourists seeking both unique offerings and unmatched convenience. This synergy between innovative payment solutions and small businesses is set to reshape the landscape of tourism in South Korea, making it more accessible and enjoyable for visitors from across Asia and beyond.

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